Mauro Balloni was born in Rome on the 14th of October 1974. He lives and draws in Civitavecchia. 

After obtaining his leaving certificate from Liceo Classico (a secondary school specialized in classical studies), he started to study Law in Rome's "La Sapienza" university. After a year he changed to Modern Literature, in the Cinema and Show Business field. His passion for drawing, though, was stronger and he decided to put all his effort into it. He attended the "International School of Comics" under Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri as artistic director. His first work, Smiler, was published on the "Experiment 2000" magazine for the Drawing Comics editor. More works are - or going to be - published in some magazines like HEAVY METAL and EROSCOMIX anthologies in the U.S. and X COMICS in Italy.
He's active like a colorist and graphic designer, too.

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