What is the TRIBE?


 Welcome to the Tribe website.

Today Tribe Comics is just a website about comics, some sort of gallery or, rather, an on-line magazine. But this is only meant to be the start and when possible maybe the Tribe will become a graphic studio or a small independent label. For now it's just a dream supported by all the passion and perseverance required to do comics. Follow us and one day you shall know if it comes true. In the meanwhile, though, you can read the comics and admire the illustrations we host on these pages. The Tribe is open to new collaborations and constantly growing, if you're interested contact us... Whether you are simply a comics lover, an author, an editor or anything else, we wish you a pleasant journey. Please feel free to write to our e-mail address for advice, contacts, critics, commissions and meetings. 


Enjoy the reading...                       

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